Become a Donor

Your plasma donation helps people live healthier, happier lives. Plasma is the key raw material for products crucial to treating patients suffering from life-threatening conditions, including hemophilia, shock or trauma, immune deficiencies, and other blood disorders.


What is Plasma?

The colorless fluid part of your blood, plasma is a potent weapon that serves a number of vital functions in bleeding and infection control. Every donation makes a difference, and at Hemarus, we take great care to ensure the integrity of our plasma collected at our professional donor centers.

Donor Compensation

Hemarus is an FDA licensed facility specializing in life-saving source plasma collection. Our donors are kindly compensated and can earn up to $300 per month*. Donors donating for specialty programs may be more highly compensated depending on the rarity of the antibody.


Preparation Tips

Your plasma can help save a life! Plasma is used to produce and develop life-saving therapies for thousands of patients with rare diseases, immune deficiency and blood disorders. Have questions before you come? No problem! Check out our FAQ’s here.

Hemarus is an FDA licensed facility specializing in the collection of human normal plasma used to make special medications for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Managed by a team of experts who have decades of experience in the specialized field of plasma collection, Hemarus provides a safe, professional and pleasant donation environment.

The company strictly follows FDA regulations and guidance and enforces cGMP (good manufacturing practices) in all of its facilities.

Hemarus also strives to provide the best in donor comfort. Our new state of the art donation centers feature:

  • High-tech collection equipment designed to shorten donation process
  • Free Wi-Fi wireless network in our donor collection area
  • Highly trained and certified friendly staff who put donor comfort and safety first
  • Quarterly gift raffle for return donors